It's your attitude not your aptitude that creates your altitude.

- Nithyajeejo

Light For Life - Lighting Up Lives in Rural India

Light For Life is an initiative of Rainbowtech, where we aspire to bring light to 1 Lakh houses in Rural India. Individuals in Urban India are trying to tackle the issue of rising electricity costs with their financial resources available, but what about those in villages who have no resources at all. The fact is hundreds of villages in India do not even have electricity connection. We call for the mass in Urban India to feel for those living in darkness and Help Us bring some light to their lives. We invite everyone to join us in this cause and let us together improve some lives.

Each Solar Lantern contributed for will bring light to a house for at least 5-10 years. All of us say that India is developing and is at par globally, but the plight of Indian villages without electricity is definitely a hurdle in "India Shining". Bringing Light to rural India increases education, household income, standard of living, less dependency on the Government and for sure a step towards a better socio-economic environment